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Pedantic Press publications incorporate precision and prose, pedantry and poetry, the scientific and the romantic, the eccentric and the mundane. Subject matter is based on hills and hill walking in Britain, but the stories cover a variety of other topics and themes.


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    The 1033 High Hills of Britain (book, 420 pages)

    Songs from the High Hills (CD album, 18 tracks)

    Tales from the Grahams: 231 medium-sized hills of Scotland (book, 376 pages, December 2022)

    Ten Tables of Grahams: The Official List (printed booklet or digital download, 24 pages)


Some reader comments about The 1033 High Hills of Britain:

... a very interesting read and a source of inspiration
... a creative and imaginative solution to the defining of our big hills
... beautifully crafted, a mine of information
... a high quality production in every respect
... really enjoying it, it's a good read
... an astonishing amount of physical and mental work
... lots of gorgeous photography
... an entertaining read and a welcome deviation from the standard hill walking fare
... the meticulous attention to detail with respect to summit heights and locations commands respect
... the book is well worth reading even if I choose to ignore the list itself
... a fantastic book! The stories, articles and photos complement the factual data perfectly
... a marvellous work, thorough, comprehensive, wonderfully presented
... entertainingly written, captures some of the spirit of hill walking
... I particularly enjoyed the themes and biographical passages
... combines humour and depth to create something utterly unique within the genre
... witty, erudite and more than a bit leftfield
... It's fab!


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