Ten Tables of Grahams: The Official List

by Alan Dawson

Published in November 2022, printed booklet £4 or free download

24 pages, comprising ten key tables of topographic data, with accurate survey data from 99% of the summits, plus explanatory text and colour photographs.

The Grahams: 231 Scottish hills between 600 and 762 metres high
with at least 150 metres drop on all sides

Thirty years after the term Grahams was first applied to a set of hills, the definitive list of them is finally published. All the key summits have been meticulously surveyed using ridiculously accurate satellite technology, as well as all the critical cols, all the possible high points, the near misses and potential twin peaks. The final change to the set of Grahams is the inclusion of twelve hills from 600 to 609.6 metres high. This simplifies the metric height limits and enhances the list by adding several rugged and interesting summits. Those in the Western and Southern Highlands have qualities of wildness that are rare below 600m on the mainland.

The ten tables of Grahams have been triple checked with digital lie detectors, turbo encapulators, ultra inspectometers, neutrino inverters and analogue eyes. There will be no more changes to the list of Grahams. This is it, the official list, the definitive edition. Probably. The story of how this pedantically precise topographic tabulation was achieved is related in Tales from the Grahams: 231 medium-sized hills of Scotland, by Alan Dawson and Ann Bowker. Not the full story, as that would be tedious, but the bits worth writing about, including those that could be remembered several years later with minimal embellishment. The ten tables contain the essential summary, the key outcomes, the fine details, the ultimate results. Data heaven for topography enthusiasts of all ages.


Ten Tables:
    Northern Highlands
    Western Highlands: North and Central
    Western Highlands: South
    Eastern Highlands
    Central Highlands
    Southern Highlands: West
    Southern Highlands: East
    Southern Scotland
Highest Grahams
Lowest Grahams
Most prominent Grahams
Least prominent Grahams
Most popular Grahams

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