Audiomaps are examples of the integration of pedantry and poetry. All the words in an audiomap must be drawn from a single Ordnance Survey Landranger map, excluding the key. Words may be repeated and arranged in any order. Most words are place names or names of geographical features, but labels such as Activity Centre and Nature Reserve are permitted.

Audiomaps aim to illustrate the variety, beauty and character of place names, as well as the aesthetic quality of the maps themselves. To make the map extracts more interesting, each map is set to a piece of music, which may or may not have some connection to the area covered. Audiomaps therefore draw attention to some fine but little-known music, as well as some popular songs and tunes. The words may be sung or spoken. Pronunciation of place names is not necessarily the same as in local use. Some audiomaps attempt to tell a story, but this is difficult with few words available. However, as in most poetry, certain phrases may resonate and give an impression of meaning.

All map extracts are reproduced courtesy of Ordnance Survey under an OS media licence agreement. Backing tracks are streamed under a limited online music licence from the Performing Rights Society. Certain artists have requested that their music should not be used for karaoke purposes. Although audiomaps are not karaoke, there are similarities and so the music of these artists has not been used

Audiomaps are freely available to all. Anyone who enjoys them is encouraged to buy the relevant Ordnance Survey map and the original album by the relevant artist. Using Spotify or a similar service is not recommended as the artists receive almost no reward for their creative output. New vocalists would be welcome. If you would like to try speaking, singing or creating an audiomap and can record your own vocals, please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More on place names in music and poetry.

Shetland and Orkney

Map 1: Subterranean Haroldswick Gloup

Map 2: Laxo

Map 3: Fields of Green

Map 4: Da Dublin Dainaberg

Map 5: Rousay Westray

Map 7: Old Man

Western Isles

Map 31: Heabhal h-Iolaire

Scottish mainland

Map 17: Inverbrora Torra Tor

Map 41: An Gearasdan Way

Map 44: Auld Darkney

Map 52: Corrymuckloch Pitlochry

Map 57: Cala Ledi

Map 73: Windlestraw Law

England and Wales

Map 90: Borrowscale Cycle

Map 107: Kingston Upon Hull

Map 115: Moel Eilio